The most effective resume tips for a stellar resume - 15 Best Resume Tips You’ll Need


THE MOST EFFECTIVE RESUME TIPS FOR A STELLAR RESUMEResume writing isn’t something new or extraordinary for both students and experienced professionals. Everyone knows that the resume should present one’s work history and education, special skills, and notable accomplishments. Also, you’re probably heard the advice that the resume should be tailored for a specific job. Yet, knowing the basic rules only won’t secure you a long-awaited interview. Worried and ...Continue reading

How to write a resume in English and get noticed? - How to Write Your Resume in English?


HOW TO WRITE A RESUME IN ENGLISH AND GET NOTICED?Don’t underestimate the importance of a resume for your career success in an English-speaking country. According to the statistic, an average corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes, while the recruiters take only 6 seconds to decide whether the candidate is worth interviewing. Moreover, resume writing rules and formats vary from country to country. So, the curriculum vitae you’ve used in France or Saudi Arabia ...Continue reading

How to write a professional profile about yourself? Pro Tips |


HOW TO WRITE A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE ABOUT YOURSELFA profile is the most eye-catching block of the resume. This paragraph determines whether the following text is worth the attention of the HR manager or no. Without a well-considered profile, you risk missing an opportunity to get an awesome position in your dream company. We want to make your job search easier and thus offer our pieces of advice on this issue. The knowledge of how to write a professional ...Continue reading

A step-by-step guide on how to describe skills on resume - How to Describe Skills On Resume?


A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO DESCRIBE SKILLS ON RESUMESo, you’ve listed career history and accomplishments, added the university degree and even wrote a catchy career summary. Is your resume now ready to be presented to employers? Not exactly. Strong resumes all have the Skills section where you have a chance to brag your competencies. This section has a purpose of persuading the employers that you qualify and can hit the ground running immediately. The process of adding ...Continue reading

How to make a good resume for a job of your dream - How to make a resume? Experts know best!


HOW TO MAKE A GOOD RESUME FOR A JOB OF YOUR DREAMThe resume is an essential instrument bridging the gap between your capacity and the desired job position. The labor market is constantly changing, so do the channels of communication between applicants and employers. However, some things remain the same. It deals, above all, with a thoughtfully composed resume, CV, and cover letter. Indeed, you practically have no chance to get noticed by a human resources manager of your dream ...Continue reading

How to write a cover letter for a job and succeed? - How to write a cover letter


HOW TO WRITE A COVER LETTER FOR A JOB AND SUCCEED?A cover letter is often a decisive factor for choosing between applicants with equal strengths. It is because the personality and attitude towards the job are reflected precisely in this text. If you do not want to risk your professional growth, check out our experienced-based recommendations on how to write a cover letter.HOW TO MAKE A COVER LETTER: DOS & DON’TSGeneric rules of composing such letters are ...Continue reading

Resume examples for your inspiration - Good Resume Examples


RESUME EXAMPLES FOR YOUR INSPIRATIONIf you do not know where to start your resume, look through some successful examples first. The point is not to copy them but to see what a good self-presentation is. And we are here to help you with it — our assistant has selected the best samples for you to explain all the nuances of writing a job-winning resume. RESUME SAMPLE: ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT USING ITA clear example ...Continue reading

Select an irresistibly effective resume format for all types of job-seekers


SELECT AN IRRESISTIBLY EFFECTIVE RESUME FORMAT FOR ALL TYPES OF JOB-SEEKERSThere are no minor things in resume writing, as all the tiny details contribute to an overall impression. And picking a resume format is one of the major concerns that job-seekers have. It’s a fact now that you cannot blindly pick the random format that crosses your way. The resume format for freshers as well as for experienced professionals, determines how your resume information will be perceived. Moreover, ...Continue reading

Tips for a successful interview - Tips For A Successful Interview From Experts | CheapResumeServices


Tips for a successful interview - Tips For A Successful Interview From Experts | CheapResumeServicesThe interview is probably the most challenging and unpredictable obstacle on the path to the dream career. You know, all those awkward questions, nonstandard situations, eye contact, etc. You must take swift decisions, adapt to the circumstances, control emotions, and do a bunch of other things we are going to tell you about in this post. PREPARATION IS A KEY ...Continue reading