How to write a cover letter for a job and succeed? - How to write a cover letter


A cover letter is often a decisive factor for choosing between applicants with equal strengths. It is because the personality and attitude towards the job are reflected precisely in this text. If you do not want to risk your professional growth, check out our experienced-based recommendations on how to write a cover letter.


Generic rules of composing such letters are the same for various fields and levels of professionalism. Whether you need tips on how to write a cover letter for an internship or a senior position, these recommendations are quite helpful. 

  • A cover letter is a must if the recruiter mentions it

You can skip it in some cases and do not even think about how to write a cover letter. Sometimes recruiters clearly ask to send resumes only. Still, if the HR manager emphasizes the necessity of the cover letter, never ignore this document. It is just as important as a resume and CV.

  • Come up with a unique cover letter

This letter can be your first virtual dialogue with the representative of the chosen company. It in no way should repeat banal phrases. The point is to analyze the requirements of the vacancy and prepare excellent arguments on why they have to hire you. Obviously, you need to demonstrate your different strong parts for various positions to stand out among others. 

  • A personalized message

Your letter should be addressed to the person. Ideally, you need to know his/her name. It could be an HR manager or the head of the enterprise. You can use Google search, look through social media accounts, talk to people working there, or simply call them and learn this information. 

When you start your letter with “Dear Mr. Young” or something like that, you demonstrate respect for this company. Be careful when writing the first name of the recruiter. You are allowed to do it only if you know him/her personally. 

  • The combination of the formal and friendly tone

How to write a cover letter and impress an HR manager? Demonstrate a positive attitude towards the company and life, in general. Meantime, stay serious and avoid using emoji and slang. 

The aim is to create good vibes around your personality and show clear intentions within the frames of the semi-official style of writing.

  • Generate interest

Most of the tips on how to make a cover letter boil down to the necessity to generate curiosity. Make your cover letter interesting enough so that the recruiter sends you an invitation. HR managers are, above all, interested in professionals fitting their internal corporate culture. 

  • Avoid monotony 

How to do a cover letter that is enjoyable to read? It is all about a clear style of writing. Do not use long tricky sentences, as they are hard to understand. An active voice is always better than a passive one. Try to use more powerful verbs, avoid tautologies, get rid of empty and filler words. For example, replace the expression “very good” with “great.” 

  • Good grammar matters

Of course, HR managers are not teachers, and they are not aimed to find typos and mistakes in your file. Yet, on the other hand, even simple errors can lead to misunderstandings and funny moments. Revise and proofread your draft or let someone else do it for you. 

  • Do not overdo with the format 

The format of the letter must comply with the format of the resume. It deals with proper fonts, line spacing, margins, etc. But, unlike a resume, you do not need to think about a template for a letter. This document is not the place for infographics or pictures. 


Reflecting on “how long should a cover letter be?” one needs to consider its informativeness first. If you have a bunch of valuable ideas, let it be one page or about three hundred words. 

As a rule, half of the page or two hundred words look nice. It is an optimal size of the text which is enough to express your intentions and clarify why you are the best applicant for their position. 

A too short cover letter does not look solid and serious. Do not restrict it to a couple of phrases. For example, “Hi, my name is Andrew Fitch, and I am writing to apply for the Head of Department…” cannot be called a winning letter. Without detailed explanations of your “Why,” this sentence is senseless. You have already written this information (name and position) in the resume, so why duplicate it?


Imagine that you are a seller, and your capacity is your good. If you do not demonstrate it properly, nobody will buy it. This interesting method on how to write a cover letter for a job is quite effective as it has been proven by marketers. 

It is based on these pillars:

  • your inner desire to be a part of the company;
  • objective factors making you a reputable professional;
  • the potential contribution to the growth of the company.


This method comes from marketing. The aim is to tell your perfect personal story and thus demonstrate your motives to become a part of their team. Meanwhile, shift the focus from your personality to the enterprise where you strive to be.  

Do not write your full biography. The details of your employment history, scholarship, internship, etc. can be uninteresting for the HR manager. All you need is to prove that your life is closely tied with their business. 

  • Explain how your life principles intersect with their corporate culture 

I support the ideas of your corporate philosophy that focus on the highest quality of any process, good, and service. The principle of perfectionism guides my work and life. I agree that it is better to do one thing well, rather than to implement a lot of tasks in a hurry and make mistakes. promise to apply a thoughtful approach to every project and thus contribute to the development of your company. 

  • Explain how you have learned about the vacancy and what has made you apply for it

I have tried your new awesome web application, and I have really liked it. It has inspired me with thoughts on a content marketing strategy for your product. Hence I have decided to contact your agency and offer my services as an Internet Marketing Specialist. 


There is plenty of models on how to compose it. All of them are about gentle persuasion. The structure of the AIDA formula is clear and concise. 

  1. Draw Attention to your personality

The first phrase you see in the standard cover letter sample is: “I would like to join your team…” Try to come up with something more impressive than this cliche. “As a  yoga teacher, I believe there are no people who cannot practice asanas.”

  1. Come up with an Interesting statement

“Your company can benefit from cooperation with me as I am ready to offer more than one hundred yoga classes, as well as establish new individual lessons.”

  1. Desire (make them like you)

Your professional victories are the best arguments for the manager to invite you to their team. 

  • Due to my individual approach to yoga classes, I have managed to increase the company’s income by 150%.
  • I have conducted two unique masterclasses last month that attracted fifty new clients. 
  • I am a self-starter and I have established exclusive yoga tours and thus improved the reputation of our sports club.
  1. Action 

Do not be too demanding and self-confident, and do not beg for the interview. Find a compromise. “I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss our mutual interests during the interview” sounds nice. 

You are free to combine these approaches and compose a unique and compelling cover letter. Our specialists can say from their experience that both these methods of how to write a good cover letter work well. Due to them, hundreds of our clients have already got their jobs. And you can be the next one who will get this splendid paper from our experts and become closer to the dream job.


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