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If you do not know where to start your resume, look through some successful examples first. The point is not to copy them but to see what a good self-presentation is. And we are here to help you with it — our assistant has selected the best samples for you to explain all the nuances of writing a job-winning resume


A clear example gives a general picture of writing a resume and reflects modern tendencies in composing such documents. Meantime, you might face a big temptation to download a sample and only change private information and some other data in it. It seems a fast and easy way to come up with your resume. Still, it is not that simple, and we want to warn you that this idea is wrong. 

First, recruiters see a bunch of templates and dull standard resumes every day. Obviously, they would not like to see one more document, that is practically the same as the previous ones. Second, if using a template, you might forget about your unique strengths and achievements. 

That is why our recommendations boil down to clarifications of how to get inspired by samples and examples. 

  1. Look through the example and reveal its structure

Check out the arrangement of resume sections. As a rule, the most valuable information is written at the beginning of the document.  Consider the sample resume format. For now, reverse-chronological, functional, and hybrid types are popular. The understanding of the structure helps you to organize thoughts and ideas logically. Try to make a plan for the resume in your mind, and you will easily come up with your unique text. In addition, we do not advise copying the sample as you might have issues with formatting. 

  1. Highlight the words you like most

Make sure words suit your situation and do not sound banal. You are free to use some of them in your resume, yet never rewrite whole sentences and paragraphs. If you feel that the word expresses your strengths and describes your work responsibilities best, insert it in your document. 

For instance, if you are a representative of the customer sales service, you can use “generated,” “maximized,” “negotiated,” etc. to tell them about your previous experience. 

  1. Pay attention to the visual form of the resume

The current tendencies are about laconic design. Meantime, representatives of creative professions are allowed to craft something unique when it deals with a cover letter, CV, resume, etc. If you are a sign maker,  a web designer, an artist, go beyond the borders of standard rules. Check out how your colleagues present themselves. A short video, an interesting infographic, an unusual format look impressive. The only thing is not to repeat the idea but to create your one-of-a-kind resume. 

  1. Notice the details

What is your first impression from the great resume example? It could be a clear structure, powerful words, or even a simple eye-catching logo describing a personal brand. Experts say you have only several seconds to impress an HR manager with your brilliant resume, and “details make the perfection,” as Leonardo da Vinci said. 

  1. One example is never enough 

Do not dwell on one sample of the resume even if it is ideal for your situation. The more resumes you analyze, the more useful information you get. Consider the shortcomings and advantages of every document and come up with your own one. 

Good resume examples are helpful when you have writer’s block and cannot pull your thoughts together.  Use them sensibly, and you will definitely succeed. If you apply well-known basic rules of resume writing and add your insights, you boost your chances to get the desired job position. 


Young people are the most popular Internet users searching for resume examples. Today, practically everyone starting from the fresher to the graduate student strives to find a part-time job.

We have analyzed applicants’ common mistakes in resumes as well as employers’ expectations to compose recommendations for these cases. Check out our excerpts from the best resume samples for freshersand other learners.

  1. Heading

ROBERT T.  ZELNER • 959-981-9597 • Pittsburgh, PA

Ideally, your email and profile URL have to include your first name and last name. In this case, everything looks clear and professional.

  1. Objective

An enthusiastic PR graduate with proven event planning and social media experience, excellent writing skills, and endless imagination. Ready to increase your brand awareness as a PR manager. 

Highlight your unique value for the company briefly. Let your introduction look like a film trailer. Catch the attention, but do not tell the whole story. 

Use keywords from the job description. By doing so, you improve your chances to get noticed by the ATS system. In the above example we used “PR” and “PR manager.”

  1. Education

2020 MBA in Marketing 

Lynn University

4.5 GPA

The data on your high school is unnecessary if you have already finished college. You must not mention your GPA, especially if it is low. Figure “3.0” looks sad and spoils the impression from your resume. The truth is sometimes HR managers do not even care about your grades. So do not draw their attention to this point. 

  1. Skills
  • Time management and planning skills
  • Analytical talent
  • Ability to present information in different ways
  • Endless creativity
  • A talent to find compromises
  • Problem-solving

List only those of your talents that suit the job description. Thus, if you want to become a nursing specialist put “compassion, ability to take independent decisions, tolerance,” etc. And if you apply for the receptionist job, “multitasking, technical and speech skills” will be appropriate. 

  1. Experience

Assistant of the social media manager 

CreativeDrive, New York, 

10/2019 — present 


  • Collaborated with a team of designers to establish a content strategy
  • Wrote texts for advertising and blog posts
  • Analyzed statistics of social networks (Sprout Social, Snaplytics)

The best is to mention relevant experience. Yet as a student, you might lack it. So write about your most successful jobs. By doing so, you demonstrate your professional role and attitude to life, in general. It does not matter whether you were an administrative associate, a restaurant server, or a barista. The point is that you are independent and earn a living. Besides, you can add volunteering positions and show that you are a generous and kind person. 

The job application process is getting easier if you have studied samples of resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, etc. It is better to see one good ready-made example of the document rather than to read and hear a bunch of explanations and clarifications. 


The Internet is full of resume examples for various job positions. It might take you a couple of days or even more to revise all the available variants. It is all about a bunch of advertising of nonprofessional agencies and amateur freelancers. Follow these rules to minimize time on searching for a good sample.

  1. Search for resumes of famous people

Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Elon Musk wrote their resumes back in the day. Obviously, some of these documents have become outdated but you can see how these successful people started. Get inspired by their style of writing, and maybe you will follow in their footsteps. 

  1. Pay attention to modern resumes

Consider the date of the sample. The thing is trends about resume writing are constantly changing. So if you need a hint for your 2020 resume, check out fresh publications of this year. 

  1. Go to professional websites

For instance, is a pretty good variant as we offer not only samples but a convenient online instrument to build your resume too. We have an awesome library of resume examples for different professional fields due to our vast experience in this business. 

  1. Filter the information

Google offers millions of results if you ask it to find a resume sample. Use keywords to find results for your job description.  For instance: “simple resume sample for a chief executive,” “resume sample for an English teacher,” “basic resume examples for a beginner in programming,” etc. 


Even the best resume examples are meaningless if you use them blindly. They only give you a framework, a layout, and ideas to spark a thought. Try to notice what is special about your strengths and how it can contribute to the progress of the company. Herein lies the value of your resume for the recruiter. Who knows, maybe after a while, your paper will be among the most successful job resume examples too? 

If you lack time to study resume examples and craft your own one, is ready to help you out.  Place your order and get your perfect document in the shortest terms. We guarantee that it will be an effective self-presentation of your strengths written in accordance with the job description and current trends in resume writing.