Tips for a successful interview - Tips For A Successful Interview From Experts


The interview is probably the most challenging and unpredictable obstacle on the path to the dream career. You know, all those awkward questions, nonstandard situations, eye contact, etc. You must take swift decisions, adapt to the circumstances, control emotions, and do a bunch of other things we are going to tell you about in this post. 


While the resume gives a full picture of your talents, knowledge, and maturity, the dialogue with an HR manager shows, above all, your charisma and inner world. The aim of this meeting is to understand if it is pleasant to work with you. 

Meanwhile, anxiety and unfamiliarity with the rules of a successful interview can turn all your strengths into failure. One can be the best applicant for the job and get nervous so much that he/she leaves an absolutely wrong impression. To avoid this situation, pay enough attention to the preparation. 


A  successful interview is often due to how well the applicant is informed about the company. Everything goes easier when he/she knows the history, the peculiarities of business, philosophy, the mission of the firm, etc. Look through their website, find a mention about it on social media, read reviews, watch video news, etc. 


There is a set of multiple themes, they want to talk over with you practically at every interview. Ready answers, prepared in advance, will help you to cope with anxiety.

  • Speculate on your five (or any other number) most crucial career achievements.
  • Share a success story of any eminent person that inspires you.
  • Remember the most challenging project and tell how you handled it.
  • Have you ever participated in group projects?
  • Can you determine your key talents (superpower or something very special)?
  • Do you possess any unique effective techniques in your professional field?
  • What could you change if you went back to school years?


Plenty of interviews end with the phrase “Any questions?” Never reply “No” to it. Actually, it is one more way to check what you are. By doing so, recruiters often assess your true motivation, serious-mindedness, and professionalism. The one who is aimed at the position, asks meaningful questions and clarifies important nuances of the responsibilities. 


Analyze the dress code of the agency and prepare at least two sets of clothes for the meeting.  The easiest way to find out the company’s attitude to fashion is to look through their social media accounts. Pictures demonstrate visually what they usually wear. 

In any case, do not choose a mini skirt or something like that if you want to look serious. 


Find out where the interview is conducted and plan an optimal route. Take into account traffic jams. One of the best tips is to visit that place some days before the interview. Thus, you can check how many hours you need to get there.


Stop worrying. If they have invited you, they are obviously satisfied with the level of your skills. Besides, the nervousness does not help you anyway. Pull yourself together and keep calm. Peace of mind is one of the keys to a successful interview as it is associated with self-assurance in a good way. Your future employer will definitely appreciate it. Do not overdo with your preparations and find time to do what brings harmony to your inner state. 


Successful interview = Preparation + Punctuality + Professionalism + Cultural fit + Adequate behavior
  • Preparation

No doubt, preparation is a key to a successful interview, yet it is not the only condition for getting a dream job. Apparently, you need to prove yourself during this meeting.

  • Punctuality

Come to the interview on time, that means fifteen minutes before the meeting. This time is enough to pull your thoughts together. Switch off your phone so that nothing distracts you.

  • Professionalism

Show that you are an expert in your field. Use relevant terms, express your opinion on the latest trends in your sphere, share any other valuable suggestions.

  • Cultural fit

In most cases, HR managers of top companies give a preference to a skilled person fitting their corporate culture. They do not only look for a true professional but strive to find a reliable team member and a good person. If you want your conversation with a recruiter to turn into a  successful job interview, demonstrate that you are one of them. 

  • Adequate behavior

All the secrets and strategies of the job-winning interview boil down to the understanding of the employer’s logic and adapting to their manner of conducting the conversation. Be nice, do not forget about stress interviews, and get ready for all the possible situations. 


  • Stay positive

If it is possible, do not mention any negative episodes from your career and life, in general. The truth is nobody likes to hear sad stories or complaints against your previous employer. Instead, try to create good vibes and a pleasant atmosphere. It is one of the most effective tips for a successful job interview. 

  • Show your desire to become a part of their company

One of the most crucial tips for a successful interview is about your enthusiasm. Explain why you want to work there. It does not matter whether you are a businessman, a representative of the medical academy, a customer support specialist, etc., tell what brought you to this profession and the chosen enterprise, in particular. 

  • Be an active applicant 

Please, give replies to all questions, no matter how challenging they are. A short phrase is always better than silence. Besides, you can improvise and ask something while interviewing too. Thoughtful questions are keys to effective communication. 

  • Be flexible

The list of tips for a successful interview would not be complete without this point. Analyze the way the HR manager talks to you and answer in the same manner. You might have read thousands of successful interview techniques; still, do not apply them if they do not suit your situation. Say, if the tone of the conversation is serious and strict, avoid using jokes in your answers.


A successful interview has to present you in the best light. Thus, find a proper balance between bragging and modesty, imposition and an active life position, seriousness and humor. Reveal and demonstrate those of your advantages that suit your future job. Be yourself, feel the situation, and everything will be OK! We believe in you and sincerely wish you good luck!