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The purpose of a good resume is to differentiate you from other job-seekers whose experience is similar to yours. To achieve this, you need to focus on the accomplishments and the results of your work rather than duties. Moreover, you should place the relevant skills above the fold so that the employer instantly notices you're perfectly qualified.

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IT Director Resume Example

This resume is written for an experienced IT director and infrastructure manager. The resumes for executive-level applicants should provide a comprehensive career story and a solid list of accomplishments. A career summary in a document instantly communicates the major areas of expertise of this candidate and lists the type of projects they worked on. Complementing the summary is the list of core competencies that presents the candidate's vast knowledge right off the bat.

The writer has also created a separate section for accomplishments. This section shows off figures, percentages and worldwide known companies the candidate worked for to promote their unique expertise. Thanks to the strict and distinctive design, this resume is pleasant to read.

IT Director Resume Example

University Professor CV Example

CVs of educators and researches have no length limitations. Their purpose is to show off the candidate's history of education and academic accomplishments and research projects along with work history. This CV pitches the candidate's academic credentials, areas of expertise and awards in a career summary. It is also rich in details about the candidate's education, including thesis and dissertation titles, honors, and awards.

A university CV shouldn't have a bright design, so the writer uses a more conservative approach here. Yet, they add figures and details when describing the job-seeker's work history. It gives the reader a bigger picture of their professional strengths, projects and initiatives in addition to regular work duties.

All resumes we create for our clients are enriched with relevant keywords. To get your resume targeted for a specific job, provide us with the description of the job you'll be applying for and the writer will help you look like a perfect fit.

University Professor  CV Example

IT Director Cover Letter

Accompanying the above-mentioned IT director's resume is this cover letter. In the first paragraph, the writer lists his client's major strengths for the target job. Yet, the real asset of this letter are the highlights of qualifications. In this section, the writer lists a skill and proves it instantly by providing tangible examples from practice. These examples prove their expertise and persuade the hiring manager to read the resume top to bottom.

The writer uses short paragraphs and a clear letter structure to improve the letter's readability. The key statements in bold guide the reader's eye and draw attention to key selling points and accomplishments.Despite the candidate has decades of experience, the letter isn't very long as it focuses on the most important details in the first place.

IT Director Cover Letter

IT Helpdesk Manager Thank You Letter

Sending a thank you note after the interview is more than a common courtesy. It helps you stay top of mind for a hiring manager as they interview lots of people and can hardly remember all of them well. A thank you note reminds who you are and reiterates your key strengths to persuade them that you are worth hiring.

This letter for a helpdesk manager expresses the continuing interest in the company and lists what this candidate excels at. Since it's just a brief reminder, it shouldn't be too long and detailed. The writer simply outlines the areas of expertise that are most relevant to what the company is looking for in an ideal employee.

Actuarial Resume Editing

This resume wasn't written from scratch. The writer has edited one provided by the clients, and you can clearly see the difference made by browsing before and after versions. As you see, a vague objective was replaced by a concise and informative summary. The writer also added a list of professional skills to make the resume more ATS-friendly and show this entry level professional's areas of expertise. The writer also worked on the writing style, making it more focused and result-oriented, and fixed minor issues in writing. The appearance of the resume was changed dramatically - now this resume instantly pops up thanks to it contrasting colors and strict fonts.

IT Helpdesk Manager Thank You Letter

How to use resume examples?

Resume experts do not recommend copying phrases and sections from resumes of other job-seekers word for word. Not only this is unethical, but also it prevents you from showing your unique qualifications and value. Yet, you can use the above examples to get a grasp of writing style, structure, and accomplishments and get inspired for writing your own resume.

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