Select an irresistibly effective resume format for all types of job-seekers


There are no minor things in resume writing, as all the tiny details contribute to an overall impression. And picking a resume format is one of the major concerns that job-seekers have. It’s a fact now that you cannot blindly pick the random format that crosses your way. The resume format for freshers as well as for experienced professionals, determines how your resume information will be perceived. Moreover, recruiters have their likes and dislikes when it comes to various types of resumes. 

So, how do you actually develop an attractiveresume and choose the simple resume format that resonates with the employer and highlights your best side? This task is tricky, but the experts of are here to help you out. Continue reading to figure out the most effective resume format for you next internship or a job. 

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Our website offers free samples of all resume formats for your perusal. When choosing a resume format for job, go to our Samples page and browse the real resumes produced by our resume writers. You can mimic the layout used in those templates to make your old resume or cover letter look modern and attractive. These standard online examples apply for all career levels, from fresher and entry-level to senior executive. 

When browsing online templates, vary of copying someone else’s resume word for word. It won’t help you present your unique value. If you still cannot figure out what exact professional resume format to use, keep reading for a detailed guide. 


Resume can be written using one of three main formats, and there’s no ideal format that would suit every job-seeker. Everything depends on your unique career history and goals. Here are the ways to organize your curcumin vitae: 


This is the oldest and the most popular resume type. As it follows from the name, it lists jobs in a reverse chronological order. You put the current job at the top and go backward, listing all the positions you had. Recruiters favor this simple resume type as it shows the candidates career progression. Despite being popular and easy to write, it isn’t a go-to solution for everyone.  

When to use? This standard resume format is excellent for an established professional with a good progressive career. For example, if you’re a senior accountant who worked the way up from a bank teller or a software engineering expert, be sure to opt in. The recruiter will appreciate the growth in responsibility and job titles and see it as a sign that you’re a competent, ambitious and a reliable employee. 


This new and latest resume format is an opposite of the one described above. Unlike chronological, it describes your skills and competencies in the first half of the document. You may decide to list only skill names, i.e. cross-functional leadership, MS Office, accounts payable and receivable, etc. Or, you may list competencies in form of sentences, i.e. Led a team of 11 technical support professionals with 89% client satisfaction rate. At the same time, you downplay job history and don’t give detailed descriptions. 

When to use? This basic resume writing format is designed for people pursuing a career change. Say, you’re an automotive sales manager who is retraining to become an English teacher because of coronavirus pandemic. In this case, highlight current skills in a template rather than the old and not-so-relevant experience. It may also be good for freshers who don’t have much experience yet as they were focused on studies. Functional resume should be one page as you aren’t listing work history in detail. 

Note that many employers dislike such resumes. They think by default that you are trying to hide work gaps or other issues. So, only use this type when the pros overweigh the cons. 


Formal combination resumes take the advantages of the above types. On the one hand, this resume type uses a career summary and crucial skills at the top. These sections pitch the candidate’s qualifications to an employer briefly. But it also gives a complete chronology of jobs. The trickiest thing is to avoid data repetition as, if you repeat the same things in the summary and job description, a resume may turn out lengthy. 

When to use? Such resumes are universal. If you’re an international student, a creative digital professional or a CEO, you can benefit from this type of resume. By presenting both skills and the progressive work history, you’ll have more chances for an interview. Experts recommend that you use the latest resume writing techniques, such as result-oriented writing and keywording to make it even more effective. 

Your choice of format should be based on the career history and the desired job as well. If your career situation is complex or you’re not sure which option is best for your job search, contact us for help. Email us your old resume, and our resume writer will recommend which format works best for you. It’s totally free! 


The general looks and layout of the resume is imperative for making a strong impression. Use the recommendation below to make the document easy on the eye and convenient to read: 

  • Use popular sans-serif font, for example, Arial or Calibri 
  • Set at least 1’’ margins so that the document isn’t overloaded with text 
  • Use the same font type and size throughout the document so that everything looks consistent
  • Boldface or use all caps for key information (section headings, job titles, accomplishments, etc.)
  • Send the document in DOC file, as it opens correctly on all devices 
  • Create bulleted lists rather than paragraphs 
  • Edit and proofread prior to sending. 


Picking the format is helpful, but it’s equally important how you use that resume further in a job search process. Quite often, unemployed job-seekers lose the sense of time and structure and subconsciously procrastinate. So, it takes them longer than expected to land a normal, well-paying job. To avoid this pitfall, use these tips to organize your job search. 

  • Maintain your usual schedule. Sure, you don’t have to head to an office in the morning, but you still need to keep organized. If you sleep till 1PM, watch Netflix shows for hours or roam about the apartment, you’ll find it harder to be in time with all commitments. So, create a daily schedule, to-do lists and keep to them. 
  • Spend hours looking for a job. As they say, treat the job search as a full-time job. For example, you may spend 3 hours browsing job postings and updating a resume for them. Then, you can schedule one hour to respond to emails, file out online forms or reach out to LinkedIn connections. Remember that the more effort you put in the faster you’ll get hired. 
  • Create a routine. Job search shouldn’t be chaotic – in this case, it isn’t much efficient. Set up a convenient routine. Say, you send 10 tailored resumes a day, then check job boards and podcasts in the afternoon, and check the mail in the evenings. When you have a routine, it’s easier to track your progress. 
  • Keep your skills current. If you don’t work at the moment, use this time to broaden your skillset. Learn what the employers in your target role are looking for. For instance, if many job postings mention HTML/CSS proficiency, familiarity with remote collaboration tools and copywriting skills, it’s time to update the skills you lack. It’s also helpful to monitor the industry news – you’ll always have something to talk about during the next interview. 
  • Exercise and take breaks. As you network online, write cover letters or email the recruiters, make breaks every hour or so. This will keep your mind fresh and thus you’ll be more productive. Also, don’t forget about physical activity. It has countless benefits to your health, well-being and mood. 


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