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As a skilled resume writer and editor, I, Sarah Patel, am proficient in customizing resumes for diverse industries and career levels. My objective is to assist you in effectively conveying your expertise and achievements, enabling you to secure interviews and advance your career with confidence.

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About Sarah Patel

Meet Sarah Patel, a proficient and passionate professional specializing in nursing and healthcare CV/resume writing. With over six years of experience, Sarah possesses a comprehensive understanding of the industry's intricacies and knows precisely what it takes to create compelling CVs, LinkedIn profiles, and cover letters. As an expert at, Sarah excels at crafting personalized documents that highlight your unique skills, accomplishments, and aspirations, helping you differentiate yourself in a competitive job market. With her expert guidance and meticulous attention to detail, Sarah is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals like you to leave a lasting impression and secure the career of their dreams.

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    Client ID: 25188

    Cover Letter Assistance

    Project Manager

    I was impressed with the cover letter assistance provided by this team. They helped me craft a compelling cover letter that highlighted my project management skills. As a result, I received two interview requests in just a few days!

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    Client ID: 25189

    LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    Marketing Specialist

    I sought their help in optimizing my LinkedIn profile, and they did an outstanding job. They revamped my profile to reflect my marketing expertise, and I started receiving more connection requests and job inquiries within days.

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    Client ID: 25190

    Job Application Review

    Sales Representative

    I submitted my job application for review, and they provided valuable feedback on how to improve it. While I didn't receive immediate interview requests, I did notice an increase in callbacks and invitations to further stages of the hiring process.

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    Client ID: 25191

    Resume Writing + Interview Tips

    Graphic Designer

    These guys delivered an outstanding resume that highlighted my abilities and experiences flawlessly. I received numerous interview requests within a week! I also got some helpful interview tips which I am going to use. Thanks!

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    Client ID: 25192

    Resume Editing

    Human Resources Manager

    I sought resume editing from this team, and it was a game-changer. They provided valuable insights and guidance on career progression, networking, and personal branding. Their expertise helped me secure a promotion within my company within a few months.

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    Client ID: 25193

    CV Writing


    The CV writing service provided by these professionals was exceptional. They understood the accounting industry well and tailored my CV accordingly. I started receiving more job interview invitations, and ultimately, I secured a position with a reputable firm.

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    Client ID: 25194

    LinkedIn Profile Writing

    Business Analyst

    Their LinkedIn networking strategy was invaluable for expanding my professional network. They guided me in optimizing my profile, connecting with relevant professionals, and engaging in meaningful conversations. As a result, I received job referrals and discovered new career opportunities.

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    Client ID: 25195

    Resume Editing

    Marketing Manager

    These professionals provided an exceptional resume that effectively portrayed my expertise and background. I received several interview requests within a week!

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    Client ID: 25196

    Resume + Cover Letter

    Sales Manager

    I am extremely satisfied with the resume and cover letter service I received. The team went above and beyond in showcasing my abilities and experience, which led to a surge of interview requests within just one week!