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It takes deep knowledge, long hours of practice, dozens of written resumes, and hundreds of reviewed samples and job offers to become a professional resume writer or editor. As we strive to become a number one provider of reliable resume writing services online, we pay close attention to the qualification of our team members and guarantee a “wow” reaction to every client!

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So, who we are?

Customers were kind enough to give us a 100% satisfaction rate because:

  • We never use templates for the CVs; every order is unique and approached creatively;
  • You pay only for the final result, no matter how much time the writer will spend on the job;
  • Our team consists of 200 certified professionals with experience in 40 fields;
  • We provide high quality for a reasonable price, so you don’t have to save just for us;
  • All the experts we hire are always updated with the latest trends, so they know exactly what your potential employer is looking for;
  • Your personal information will remain 100% confidential.

Why Should You Choose Accuro Resumes To Create Your Resume?

If you are currently looking for the best of the best services to handle your resume writing needs, you have definitely come across dozens, if not hundreds, of resume writing companies. Most likely you have also read a couple of articles with recommendations on how to create an appealing resume. Probably you have already attempted using templates and resume generators. We are sure some of the services shocked you with their prices or poor reviews shared by customers. Accuro Resume was launched with the inspiration to offer high quality service to clients worldwide at an affordable price. Templates do not work because they are used by thousands of other applicants. Resume generators are useless, let’s be honest. The majority of services do not care much about the result. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our company to work on your perfect resume.

We care about the quality

We strongly believe it is important to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding customers and deliver the product you are happy with. The search for a new employment opportunity or even for the first job is a highly stressful venture. You will not have the second chance to make a good impression and if your resume does not speak up your strengths and qualifications, the chance for an interview is wasted. With due attention to details and a full dedication to your success, we craft each resume as if we write for ourselves. We can about the end result and will continue working on your resume until it becomes a masterpiece.

It is easy to use our service

While planning the launch of our resume writing service website, we reviewed over 20 similar projects online and came to the conclusion that the ordering process is extremely difficult, full of unnecessary steps, and rather stressful for the majority of users who just want to get their resume edited or written from scratch. We set the goal of creating the service that is very easy to use. First, you choose the package that suits your current needs the most (for example: a CV and a cover letter or a resume with a cover letter and interview tips; we have 17 unique packages for you to choose from!). Second, you either fill out a well-structured form detailing your educational and professional background or simply upload the draft you have already written! That is it! Enjoy a stress-free ordering process at our website!

We do deliver on time

We understand the urgency of resume writing requests. Sometimes you find that perfect job ad online and the remaining time to apply is very short. It would be a mistake to waste it on fruitless attempts to draft a resume with the help of templates because another candidate may take that job by simply forwarding the resume a couple of days before you. At Accuro Resumes, we offer several delivery terms. Namely, you can choose a 24-hour delivery option if the request is urgent, allow us 48 hours to work on your documents, or go with 3 or 5 days delivery if you are not in a rush. No matter what deadline you select, you will get a full package of written documents on time! If we fail, we will give your money back!

We do research about the position

It is one of the most commonly given advice to tailor your resume to the specific requirements outlined in the job advertising. If your resume does not match those requirements, your application will not be even considered. In other words, you will waste a chance to get that job, even if you feel absolutely qualified to suit the position. To help you avoid this mistake, we conduct the research about the position. We thoroughly review all the requirements, qualifications, and expectations set forward by your potential employer and ensure your resume presents you as a perfectly suitable candidate.

We communicate!

Another challenge that many resume service users encounter is lack of communication between the service and a customer. You are either served by a robot via chat box or the assigned writer has no chance to ask a question or clarify your professional aspirations. What makes Accuro Resumes a good service is human-led communication. We believe interaction between the writer and you is of critical importance to the success of a resume writing venture. We do not simply write your resume; we craft a masterpiece. To make it truly yours and as effective as it can be, we focus on communication and exchange of ideas! We will not ignore your messages after resume delivery as well. You can talk to us as many times as you need until you feel confident in your resume and its format. We will add and remove the details in line with your requests. We will answer your questions and address your concerns. We not only communicate but also encourage our customers to talk with us as well!

Our prices are transparent, no hidden costs!

We think it is fair and honest to show our prices right away, even before you registered or started filling out the order form. You see your price upfront and it will not change afterwards. We will not ask for additional payment at any moment of your order processing. The prices are finalized and there are no hidden transactions, unexpected costs, or additional expenses that suddenly emerge when you are in the middle of the questionnaire on your employment history. Honest price is what makes Accuro Resumes trusted by so many customers! Moreover, we do understand that job search is often dictated with financial constraints. To give more customers a chance to get a professional resume written by a qualified writer, we have a system of discounts. Just send us a note or contact us via chat and we will share the current discount code with you.

The fullest packages on the market

The content of the package you order is one of the factors that shape your success on the employment market. You probably know that employers do search for your profiles at social media websites. It is an absolute must to have a well-written public profile at LinkedIn and the information you present there should match your current resume. It is enough to forward your resume for the application as it will get lost, forgotten, or ignored. We recommend adding a cover letter to accompany your application, a polite thank you to confirm your interest in the position, and a custom LinkedIn profile service. Moreover, we offer effective interview tips to prepare you for that challenging task of presenting yourself during the first encounter with your employer! You no longer need to find a separate service for each of these aspects of your job search adventure. You can get all of these services and even more at Accure Resumes website!

What Are You Waiting For? We Will Help You Get That Perfect Job You Deserve!

Your resume will not get written by itself. Do not waste another way searching for the service that can help you with all job application documents at once! We deliver the best results and exceed the expectations of our clients because we care about the result, hire the best writers only, and devote our full attention to making sure your resume and the accompanying letters are of the highest quality! With transparent pricing and years of accumulated experience in creating appealing, relevant, and truly professional resumes, we can guarantee your satisfaction. If you do say “wow” when you get a resume done by our team, we will continue working on it until you are fully satisfied! If you have any questions or need clarification about our service, contact us via chat right now. Order your resume today and get that job you could not even hope to apply for!

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